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 Forlink Signes Jiangsu Taihu International Pulp Electronic Trading Cen   (02/28/2014) 
 Forlink Signs Runheng City Agricultural Electronic Trading System Proj   (01/13/2014) 
 Shanxi Metal Trading Center Opens Online Trading   (08/20/2013) 
 Rizhao International Iron Ore Exchange (“RIOE”) Opens   (07/10/2013) 
 Forlink Co-operates with Huaxia Bank Rongxintong Launches a One-step O   (07/10/2013) 
 China's First Agricultural Industry Spot Trading Platform Operates   (04/14/2013) 
 Guangdong Pulp & Paper Exchange Operators   (03/20/2013) 
 Forlink Won the First Wisdom Beijing Contest Excellent Solutions Award   (01/16/2013)